Building a Life & a Sailboat

Have you had a dream?  A dream that all those in your circle said, “It’s Impossible!” 

Join us on an incredible journey.


One Man’s Quest to Build An Oceangoing Sailboat in St. Louis

When Steve Schreiter envisioned traveling the oceans on a sailboat in retirement and decided to build his own, he didn’t realize how long it would take, how many heartbreaks and obstacles he’d face, or how much he’d learn. Even as others thought he was crazy and remained skeptical about the boat ever making it to water, he kept building.

Steve had a deep understanding of mechanical engineering concepts and at a family sand and gravel mining business, he had success designing, welding, and integrating large equipment into the operation. By building one himself, he’d know every inch and could make it exactly as he wanted.

TWOLYNNE is a 53-foot steel hull sailboat that weighs 51,000 pounds and has a 7-foot draft.

With 22 years invested, the time had come to face the final challenges that would determine success or failure. These included the transport and launch of a large boat in St. Louis, a maiden voyage down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and a 950-mile river journey to reach the brackish waters of Mobile Bay. Once in Mobile, he raised the mast and outfitted her for sailing. He was 35 years old when he began this endeavor and at age 57 he sailed his boat for the first time! 

Steel Ambition is a fascinating, inspiring, and motivating chronicle of a man devoted to a dream. It is not a “how to build a boat” book, but rather a compelling tale of hard work and accomplishment, and a celebration of milestones along the way.

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